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Planning, Producing, and Promoting experimental meetups, gatherings, and activities to enable and energize the entrepreneurial playground around us.

Upcoming Events

Merdeka 118 people mingling
Pitch Mingle
  • Date: Thursday, 17 November 2022
  • Time: 6pm (sharp!) for about 1 hour
  • Location: Desert Wind Coffee Roasters
  • Theme: Rehearse
  • Format: Merdeka 118


Tight 5 presentation to audience
Pitch Workout Room
  • Date: Saturday, 19 November 2022
  • Time: 9:00am (sharp!) for 1 hour
  • Location: Tech Alley Suite 150
  • Theme: Rehearse
  • Format: Tight 5



Tight 5

This is a 5-minute presentation with 5-minutes of constructive audience feedback. Avoid funding and terms, this is focused on idea, pitch content, clarity, and so on.

Rule of 3

Similar to Shark Tank, present what your idea is, how much funding you require, and what your investors should expect in return. Three slides in three minutes!

Merdeka 118

The Warisan Merdeka Tower in Malaysia is 118 stories. You have 118 seconds to share just one. Your elevator pitch!



Practice pitching your idea, no slides actually required. Your first time ever? Go for it! Trying out some new elements? Go for it!


Pitch your idea to potential co-founders, potential hires, or external talent. Best to have rehearsed at least once prior.


Pitch your idea to potential investors. Bring your best game, rehearsed once, twice, maybe three times, or more!


Pitch Mingle

A casual stand-up gathering, one pitcher per mingling group, when the time is up shuffle and do it again!

Pitch Workout Room

Focused intently on rehearsing an idea in need of polish and feedback, like an open mic event for idea pitches!

Pitch Game

Give your pitch (probably the Merdeka 118 format) and then have one or more members of your audience pitch your idea for you!


Pitch Time

The times given are for practice. A Tight 5 or a Rule of 3 pitch has a 5-minute and 3-minute limit for the pitches to aim for a time allocation that may be imposed in the real world. Go over if you need to, but you may be undoing your best work!

Slot Time

In order to provide opportunties to pitch and allow for feedback, there is a hard time limit for each time slot. This is usually 10 minutes and will be enforced in most situations!

One Rule

Aside from time limits for maximizing fairness, there is one rule at all events: Be Nice. Constructive criticism is valuable, vitriol or anything similar is grounds for ejection.


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